maanantai 21. tammikuuta 2013

Mobile Apps Design Workshop - Analysis of Mobile Apps Validation Data

The workshop is designated to validate the result of service design of mobile apps in cruise context. 

We had actors performing 10 different scenarios in cruise environment and ask the participants to indicate their perception of usefulness of the service and their concerns regarding data security. 

Participants were also asked to indicate whether they would use the service in real life. 

Preliminary analysis of the data shows that 80% of the services’ popularity levels are confirmative to author’s expectations. Author had anticipated feedback not being popular service on the spectrum given the specific demographics of the text group. 

On the other hand, the text group did not rate preference request and weather forecast useful because they presumed the passengers would repeat their preference on spot thus there is no need to indicate before hand and weather can be easily observable. 

In the discussion part, the competition internet brings to certain service offerings in mobile apps was also brought to light.

Regarding privacy/security, the participants did not concern over the location service, which was opposite to current assumption that cruise liners hold. However, as anticipated, text group showed great concern over the security issue related to using mobile as payment tool. 
In the discussion session, the group agreed that adding additional digital signature would mitigate the concern over payment security.

The session was successful and fruitful. Through the discussion and statistics, we have now more insight on passenger experience in a more virtual context on cruise ships. 

Text: Liping Huang
Photos: Juho Vainio 


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